2017 No-till Corn

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2017 No-till Corn

Post by Bio Farmer on Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:28 pm

We set ourselves up to have 50 acres of no-till corn for the 2017 season. All the acres had the same treatment following the 2016 pea seed crop. The peas were harvested around the 15th of July but the cover crop was not planted until around the 10th of August (far from ideal, I know).

Our cover crop mix was 30 lbs Sudan grass, 2 lbs daikon, 2 lbs red clover, and 10 lbs common vetch. The idea was to have the Sudan produce some high-carbon cover while the radishes provided quick ground cover and weed suppression. Those plants would then winter-kill while the clover and vetch were left to take advantage of the early spring months and fix some nitrogen.

Due to the late planting date and a cool Autumn, the Sudan grass did not provide the bulk residue we expected before it frosted but everything else looks good heading into winter.

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