Evidence of soil health - thunderstorm

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Evidence of soil health - thunderstorm Empty Evidence of soil health - thunderstorm

Post by Bio Farmer on Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:23 pm

I was starting to doubt our progress toward healthy soil but the recent thunderstorm highlighted our improvement. So the storm rolled through and unloaded around .5" of rain in 15 minutes.

Now, the neighbor's farm has around 65 acres that slope down to a draw on our farm and is very heavily tilled under conventional agriculture. Our farm has 100 acres that slope toward the same draw that been under minimum till for several years.

This pounding storm overloaded all the drains coming from the neighbor's and even flooded the road in a couple places. Our fields barely shed enough water to make a puddle at the end of the row.

I guess the lesson is that the soil changes are real despite being hard to see.

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