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Post by Bio Farmer on Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:01 pm

A few years ago I bought a chaff spreader for my combine without having seen one work or really understanding the benefits. At the time I was just starting my soil health journey and thought it may help. Now I have used it a few years and consider it one of my wisest investments and essential for no-till or reduced tillage farming.

The reason is simple: profitable farming relies on uniform field conditions. In a reduced tillage situation, there is very little opportunity to spread residue and the effects of windrows can haunt us for several years. We have all seen fields the year following wheat where every windrow is visible despite tons of straw being baled and hauled away. The next crop rows over the windrows usually have a reduced population, nutrient deficiencies, and moisture issues.

Just to illustrate the benefits, here are 2 fields in my neighborhood that had a similar history but different results. Both fields were sprinkler irritated wheat for the 2016 crop. One was windrowed with the combine, the other was spread then swathed. Both fields were then baled off and cover crops sown.

Combine chaff spreader Img_2010

Combine chaff spreader Img_2011

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