2018 Grazing System

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2018 Grazing System

Post by Bio Farmer on Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:15 am

We finally gave in to the pressure and bought some livestock to hopefully aid in our soil health goals. Honestly, though, we wanted pasture and livestock on a few little 1 acre patches around the barnyard so we didn't have to row-crop them every year.

So here is a quick look at our rotational grazing setup. The paddock in the upper right is where the sheep just moved from and the lower left is where they are moving. We don't yet have enough animals to keep up with forage production so we aren't letting them eat a very high percentage of the available feed. Our goal at this point is to just have the sheep eat the canopy off the crop and mash things down a bit to allow our little interseeded plants get established.

Here is the new paddock the sheep get to enjoy. We are putting 6 ewes on 250 sq. ft. for 24 hours to achieve these results.

As you can see, our forage consists of a lot of plantain and white clover with a little alfalfa mixed in. There is some perennial grass underneath the canopy but it did not establish well last year, hence our attempt to interseed more this spring.

This is what the paddock looks like as the sheep leave. Despite having an ample supply of feed available, the animals still feel the need to over-graze little areas like this. If anyone knows how to help with this I could sure use some advice.

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