2018 No-till Garden Concept

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2018 No-till Garden Concept

Post by Bio Farmer on Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:25 am

I finally convinced my family to try a no-till garden since the principal is working so well in our production fields. There is probably a million ways to approach this but this is what we tried.

Last fall we let a great diversity of plants (mostly salad greens) to go to seed. Naturally, when we cleared off the crop residues late in the fall, many seeds fell off the plants onto the undisturbed ground. Over the fall and into the spring these seeds sprouted and left us a complete blanket of unplanned cover crop. Any time we wanted to plant something we either just dug a hole (for transplants) or chopped out a row (for seeds) right through our cover.

Of course our cover crop keeps growing through the summer so we decided to mow it rather than terminate it to prevent our garden from being overrun. This is what is growing up in our garden between mowings (3-4 weeks). It gets a bit shaggy and hard to see the crop hiding in there.

After the lawn mower goes through the rows start to appear. We have also taken a weed whacker between the larger plants (tomatoes and peppers) to further define the plot.

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