Cowpeas for Cover Crops

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Cowpeas for Cover Crops

Post by Bio Farmer on Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:26 pm

A couple years ago we used some cowpeas to try interseeding into a corn field but we also planted a few in a solid stand in our garden. The interseeding did not work very well but the solid stand clearly demonstrated the potential for this species in a annual cover/grazing situation.

The cowpeas did not grow well under the corn canopy. We planted them at growth stage V6 and that was clearly too late. I think this process may work at V3 or V4.

The cow peas grew slightly better in this area of the field but still not what we intended.

This solid stand produced a great canopy without any competition. No doubt a cow would love to find this patch.

The vines are around 3 ft tall when stretched out.

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